wyoming Forever West

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  1. CorteneyPadalecki

    Wish I could live here..

  2. No prob, YOUR WELCOME! I stay in Riverton and a bunch of kids have guns. That’s prolly why I thought that. That, and the whiskey.

  3. Thanks it a plastic horse in his hand NOT A GUN. Thanks for watching! : )

  4. That’s beuitiful, but that kid has a gun. Somebody should check that out.

  5. well i saw the hotel rex in sheridan and Devils tower along with the wells fargo coach! haha love it.

  6. I miss wyoming 🙁

  7. Song is : The horse Whisperer soundtrack There was snow (opening)

    Love wyoming!

  8. Unbelievable Ads! Captured all of my childhood vacations out west without words. A refreshing change from the over produced hype.

  9. What song is this ? Where can I get it ?

  10. Sorry for my comment below, somehow I did manage to post it here instead ofsomewhere else 🙂 However, this video is really great – i am going to visit Wyoming this September. Hope to see some greatvindian summer colours and also that the weather will be good. See you soon Wyoming!

  11. Curt cobaies house

  12. 2012UTvolunteer

    From ohio-I LOVE WYOMING!!! Went there this past summer…o my gosh, it is an amazing state! I absolutely loved it!!

  13. Wyoming is one of our favorite states! This shows that there’s more to Wyoming than Yellowstone!

  14. One of the best!

  15. Jessica Weaver

    Even more reason to express why I LOVE LIVING HERE! Thank you for expressing it in the way you did. Amazing work! I get to enjoy the beauty of Sheridan every day! 🙂

  16. well im english but im living in los angeles at the moment. and good luck on ur job at the state pen 🙂

  17. i really want to go to wyoming can someone tell me how long it takes to drive from ca?


    wyomings the best!


    me too :D

  20. the countries best state due to firework legalization 😀

  21. this is beautiful, i was born and raised in Buffalo NY, but I would really like to live out there, very soon

  22. arfuswrinkledinks

    the best vacation I ever went on was in Wyoming. I think about it literally every day.

  23. JustACurbsideProphet

    so beautiful. this may be a stretch…but does anyone know the composer of this music? its great.

  24. good commerical.

    love Wyoming and proud to be born there

  25. hey thanks it was a blast to shoot…