Wyoming expecting strong tourism

Whiteout conditions forced the shutdown of parts of 2 interstates in Wyoming – a hundred mile stretch of I 80 between Rawlins and Laramie was shot down earlier on Tuesday afternoon, and another hundred mile stretch of eastbound roads between Rawlins and Rock Springs was also closed.

Along with a ten mile section of I 25 south of Cheyenne to Colorado State was closed. National Weather Service stated that high winds in the south part of state of Tuesday – the winds are as high as 89 mile per hour was registered in Platte County. The winds triggered significant drifting and blowing show and slick conditions on several railways.

Meanwhile, as gasoline prices are still very high in Wyoming region, Wyoming is still anticipated to have a large tourism season in the summer as people come to this beautiful state from all around the world to see all that it has to give in terms of other sightseeing adventures as well as adventures. As of now, there is a suggestion that tourism period would go quite well in Wyoming.

This is good trend for the whole state. After all, tourism is one of the largest industries in Wyoming, offering almost $ 2.8 billion as well as creating thousands of jobs for local people who live there.

A tourism director stated that this would be a good year for tourism. It is expected to create around 30000 jobs in the travel industry.


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