Wyoming cabin made of ossified dinosaur bones

Fossil Cabin in Wyoming near Como Bluff‘s dinosaur graveyard is called the Oldest Building in the World. The cabin was made in the year 1933. It has got the oldest building name as the cabin which is located inside the cabin in the Carbon County line on United States route – thirty is mainly made of petrified dinosaur bones that were unearthed from Como Bluff.

National Registry of Historic Places stated that the bones were of different kinds of species but the bone collection did not have a complete specimen. Reports suggest that the cabin weighs 102116 pounds as well as it has 5796 dinosaur bones with little amount of rocks.

Thomas Boylan, person responsible for the interesting cabin, arrived at Wyoming in the year 1892 and after he worked as a cowboy for many years, he registered for a landed estate near the Como Bluff in the year 1908. He started collecting bones in the year 1916.

University of Wyoming’s history professor Phil Roberts stated that originally Boylan had intended to piece the bones together and set them up as sculps as a roadside attraction to his soon to be opened gas filling station on the side of the highway.

In 1938, he told a journalist that at first, he planned to get enough of them together to mount a full dinosaur skeleton. However, setting up such a frame is a costly and long job for someone to undertake.


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