Dec 14

Attempts to make skate park in Wyoming Valley getting some ground

Attempts to make a skate park in Wyoming Valley are now getting some traction.

A few months ago, the Plains Township Skate Park Committee organizer Kevin Czekalski told that they are getting into the nuts and bolts of it now; they are quite well beyond the talking stage.

The reports of a skate park in the town have got a very strong community support in the Plains Township as well as beyond. Support gone up after the death of William Moore, an 18-year-old boy, in Kingston, after an automobile related skateboarding mishap earlier in October.

In York, a same type of tragedy guided the construction of a skate park there. Plains Bike Shop owner Czekalski told that many sponsored scooter and skateboard squads are run out of the store, and young riders go almost every weekend to the skate parks out of the region to practice for several competitions. This is a shame because they have got nowhere to go.

Czekalski added that he as well as parents who are interested went to communities where skate parks have gone up over the past few years to ask leaders how do they did it. Much of the funding comes from loans and grants via state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. There are a lot of towns who are doing it in their own way. Many communities attach insurance riders for parks to their general liability policies.