Feb 15

Wyoming sees record levels of tourism numbers

The tourism economy in Wyoming saw yet another year of great growth in the year 2014. A primary assessment of travel and tourism impact of Wyoming reflects that a record 10.1 million people hit the state in the year 2014.

This number is up eleven percent from the year 2013 when the state saw 9.07 million visitors as well as is the largest percentage growth year over year since tracking started in 1998. This follows many years of systematically strong growth. The last ten years of tourism marketing has ensued in a forty-five percent increase of visitation to Wyoming.

Two different reports made for Wyoming Office of Tourism by Strategic Marketing and Research Inc. and Dean Runyan & Associates show that not just did the volume of travelers grew last year, but the amount of money travelers spent on their tours also gone up. As per recent reports, travel spending in state developed to more than US$ 3.3 billion last year. This figure is up from a record year in the year 2013 of US$ 3.2 billion. Continue reading →

Sep 12

Wyoming Looks to Extend Tourism Season

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National Tourism Week 2010

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Wyoming Tourism by Best Western International

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Sep 12

Wyoming Office of Tourism: Saturday Hooves

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Sep 12

Wyoming Office of Tourism Ad Campaign 2011

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Wyoming Office of Tourism 2011 Campaign-Don’t Fence Me In

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Feb 12

Wyoming Office of Tourism 2011 AD (Anthem)

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Nov 11

Wyoming Tourism

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