Baggs represents Wyoming in the science fair

Michael Espy’s teacher and his mother almost cried and hugged seeing him shake United States President Barack Obama’s hand at the 3rd annual White House Science Fair in Washington DC on Monday. Carolyn Hicks, the teacher of Little Snake River Valley School, told that Michael appeared very professional. He smiled and said something to the president that she and Michael’s mom Peggy Espy could not listen on the live feed.

Later Michael Espy told that he thanked the president and he told him that it was really an honor to be there and be invited at the White House. This was a moment that he would always remember. He added that he would also never forget not forget sitting on the stage, hearing to the president tell participants that they are the next generation of engineers and scientists who will change the United States.

Little Snake River Valley School in the small south central Wyoming city of Baggs and the school will honor him in an assembly on Wednesday at 2 pm. Now, Michael is thinking of a career in chemical engineering. For his project, he sought to find out which organic component would offer the most methane gas. A byproduct toss out in potato processing bring forth the most material for his science project. Michael told that he was not informed why he was selected, but Hicks thinks this is because he is an awesome children and has an beautiful project.


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