Feb 13

Wyoming grabs drinking water compitition

Last week in the Great American Water Taste Test, Grand Targhee Resort’s tap water really pleased all the drinkers on the Capitol Hill. The resort that is placed in top 10 in the taste test which included water from all the fifty states. Wyoming was represented by the Grand Targhee Resort in Washington DC at the contest in conjunction with National Rural Water Association’s rally that takes place every year.

Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems’ Executive Director Mark Pepper told that it is true, the best snow makes the best water. In the year 2009, Grand Targhee had a top – 10 finish and also won Wyoming’s Best Tasting dringkin Water in the year 2008 and also in 2012.

A press release stated that the NRWA represents more than 32000 small and rural utilities throughout the nation. They finished against some of the top water systems from he other 49 state rural water associations which represent all the fifty states.

Grand Targhee Resort’s Water Utility Department Head Ron Overson brought their state’s winning sample to the US capital. The registered for the national water taste test  after their victory at the state level contest at Wyoming Association of Rural Water System’s Annual Conference.

Wyoming entries have ended in the top ten for the last 8 years with Town of Afton in the top 5 in the year 2005. The judges fir this year were  Dr. Andrew Sawyer, John Padalino, Carlisle Clarke, Lorene Wasland and Brett Challenger.