Dec 12

Hunting season starts at Wyoming’s Fort

Good news for hunters, along with unique cultural and educational experiences, Wyoming’s Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site is now offering the scope to harvest game birds as well as big games in its 700 acre site.

For the last few years, this place has been contacted as a Hunter Management Area by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. As a Hunter Management Area, this place provides hunters a scope to reserve the whole site for a full day. They can even come in a group.

Misty Stoll, the Fort Phil Kearny Superintendent, told that what they (along with the Hunter Management Area) offer is that when people ask for a permission, visitor or a group of visitors get the site for an entire day. Misty added that once visitors get the permission; they know that they are the only ‘person’ in the whole site and this is what makes this site different from other sites.

Both resident and nonresident hunters can avail this site. Along with all regular game laws and fish laws, some other rules specific to the site apply. Speaking about why ATVs or vehicles are not allowed in this site, Stoll stated that they are managing natural areas and grazing areas to keep a balance. This is not a problem at all and till now, they have not heard any complaints.

This site has a measure of control and flexibility because it does not allow open access. Hunting season starts generally after when tourist season begins to wind down.