Nov 12

King James Bible’s 400th anniversary

Want to see a rare event? Then you must visit Wyoming this month. One of the most influential books in history is now on focus of a national traveling exhibit which will be on display from 7th October to 31st October at the Coe Library of University of Wyoming.

“Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible,” which is a national traveling exhibition, will start at 4.10 pm on 7th October at Coe Library’s room number 506. Philip Stine, a well known Bible translation scholar, will talk about the creation as well as the early reception of King James Bible. He will also sign the copies of his book named ‘Four Hundred Years on the Best Seller List.’

The year 2011 noted the four hundredth anniversary of King James Bible’s very first printing in the year 1911. This event not only reveal the dramatic story behind this book’s making, but it also adds its influence on American and British literature and most importantly its many-sided impact on society and culture till present day.

The event offers a chronological narrative which concentrates on the human part of this top cultural landmark as well as discovers the book’s literary, religious, cultural and social impact for more than four hundred years.
In this same event, Toppan Library of American Heritage Center will display Bibles from their rare collection of books. Albany County Public Library will display Bible translations and will host BYUtv film series called ‘Fires of Faith: The Coming Forth of the King James Bible.’